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Styling Dreadlocks


Your dreadlocks can be styled in a variety of ways.  They can be braided in cornrows, curled, put up into knots or buns...there are so many options!  When small curls or spirals are desired, styling is best done when hair is damp, this way the hair will dry into the curls, spirals...etc.  Straight dreadlocks that will be shaped into larger knots or buns should be completely dry before styling.

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Braiding the hair while wet will give you a lovely crinkled do when it is taken out.  Your hair should be completely dry before removing the braid for the best crinkles.  You may air dry, sit under a bonnet or hood dryer, or do a combination of both.  Your crinkles can last for up to a week if you take time to secure it every night (try our).  Like twisting, it is not recommended that you braid the hair too tightly to the scalp.  You can either cornrow it or put it in box braids.  The larger the braid, the larger and more pronounced the crinkles will be.  If you go to a salon, opt for the braided style. This way you get two styles for the price of one!

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For curling the hair at home, we've found that sponge rollers are best.  I know...a lot of us learned as little girls that sponge rollers caused hair breakage... but dreadlocks are much stronger than single strands of hair and sponge rollers allow better airflow to the hair and are comfortable to sleep in.  They can accommodate quite a few locs after you get the hang of it.  Our model has used them for years and has experienced no breakage because of them.

Your hair should be damp, but not dripping wet.  It can be freshly washed or you may use a spray bottle to dampen your hair. You may use a light setting lotion if you wish.  Your hair should be completely dry before removing rollers for the best curl.  You may air dry, sit under a bonnet or hood dryer, or do a combination of both.

The foam bendable rollers are good also, however you will need more drying time as they don't allow good airflow to the hair.  People sometimes confuse the foam bendable roller with a spiral roller, but they are very different.

If you have very long dreadlocks, curls won't hold for more than a day or two.

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Spiral Rollers

Spirals are great and hold a bit longer than regular curls.  They come in three sizes (sm, med and lg).   Use the large or medium spirals for longer or very thick dreadlocks.  The spiral rollers sold on our site have two colors per package.  One color spirals to the right, the other to the left.  You should use only one color on one side of your head for uniform spirals.  Again, your hair should be damp, but not dripping wet. You may use a light setting lotion if you wish.

Each roller has a "catch" at the top to insert your loc near the root of your head.  Please be careful when doing this with locs that have weak roots...you may break them.  If you have weak roots, start the spiral further down where the loc is stronger.  You won't have a curl tight to the scalp, but you will retain your loc.  Once the loc is in the "catch" start smoothing it into the spiral.  You may squeeze as many locs as will stay in the spiral to cut down on time, or if you are running out of rollers but, your drying time may increase if you do this.  Continue all the way to the bottom (if you don't, you will have uncurled section at the ends).  Secure with the matching color piece.  You may also use mini rubberbands to secure the hair, if using the piece is too difficult or you've lost some of them.  You may air dry or sit under a hood dryer (you may not be able to comfortably sit under a bonnet dryer when wearing the spiral rollers), or do a combination of both.   However you dry, your hair should be completely dry before removing the roller.  Hair that is still damp will produce a limp spiral that won't last more than a day.

Spiral curls can last a few days if you pile them loosely upon the top of your head at night.  Ourdoes a good job of this.

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Try ourto hold rollers or braids in place while sleeping. Cotton bandanas can be very drying to the hair and they rarely stay on correctly all night.









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